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Empower your campus for success with enhanced self-awareness.

Higher education is transforming. From virtual classrooms to the ever-changing skills that employers demand from your graduates, your institution has the challenge of balancing time-honoured and beloved traditions with rapid advancements.

To position your college or university for success, you need to help faculty and students adapt and prepare for the future while maintaining the strong sense of community that your school has long been known for. We are here to help.

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Our proprietary personality assessment and workshops provide your faculty and students with the self-awareness and foundational soft skills they need to succeed today and in the future. Our programmes provide the building blocks for a positive, collegial community – whether that’s on campus, virtual or a bit of both.

We help colleges and universities:

  • Strengthen culture by enhancing understanding, communication and collaboration
  • Engage faculty and retain quality educators and administrators through effective professional development
  • Support students with improved self-awareness, problem-solving and adaptability

Teach Your Staff and Students Valuable Soft Skills

No matter the needs of your college or university, we have options to support you. Our signature learning experiences include:

Team Dynamics for Small Groups

Three to nine participants

Our introductory virtual workshop empowers attendees to discover their personalised and collective preferences. Providing a foundational understanding of Emergenetics, Team Dynamics for Small Groups gives faculty and students practical applications and insights to enhance communication and collaboration to achieve greater results.

Meeting of the Minds

10 or more participants

Our signature workshop – the Meeting of the Minds – can be delivered virtually or in person. Attendees learn to use their strengths to achieve their potential while organisations discover the tools to maximise performance and enhance workplace culture. Designed for adult learners, the programme’s content is simple to understand, immediately applicable and engaging to all!

All workshop participants take our scientifically valid and reliable personality assessment, the Emergenetics Profile, to understand the ways they prefer to think and behave. With a better understanding of who they are and knowledge of the seven Emergenetics Attributes, our participants learn to communicate more effectively, lean into one another’s strengths and gain a greater appreciation for cognitive diversity.

With the right soft skills at their fingertips, you can help faculty and students quickly and easily expand your applications of Emergenetics with our suite of solutions including our mobile app, self-directed eLearning courses, Certification programmes and more!

Emergenetics in Action

“In advance of the workshop, we worked with the MBA academic delivery staff to utilise Emergenetics profiling results to create cognitively diverse groups (WEteams). Participants were then allocated into groups for the first semester to complete projects. Students were also introduced to Emergenetics+ App to get customised tips to improve communication and collaboration. To date there has been excellent engagement and productivity from the groups.”

Joanne Kelly | Programme Director / Accredited Executive Coach / Emergenetics Associate William J. Clinton Leadership Institute, Queens University Belfast

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